There is a lot to consider when it comes to evaluating the performance of a new car. There's the horsepower, the fuel economy, the handling, the road feel, and so on. Since it isn't practical to test drive every single car that you are thinking of buying, the next best thing is to learn as much as you can about your options before you come see them in person near Granite Falls. You can find information about the performance of one such model, the Ford Mustang sports car, here at Kruse Ford Lincoln Inc.

The Mustang has been a top-rated sports car for a long time thanks to its elite performance, and on this page, you can learn why that is the case. Even our pre-owned Mustangs are a terrific choice.

It all starts with the engines. The Mustang has a total of five engine choices for Redwood Falls customers. The base engine generates 310 horsepower, which is already enough to make it a fantastic-feeling sports car, but the top engine is rated for an incredible 760 horsepower. The range allows you to build the Mustang you want and that fits your budget. All of the engines are a lot of fun to drive, and most people around Sioux Falls will be more than happy with one of the mid-range engines, which can produce around 400 horsepower. The handling is outstanding, as well. It is steady and reliable at any speed and under acceleration near Worthington. That's necessary for such a muscle-car design that relies on this kind of power, and the Mustang handles it perfectly.

If you want to give one or more configurations of the Mustang a try, we can arrange a test drive here at Kruse Ford Lincoln Inc. We'll be happy to show off all the features you'll be getting with it, and you can test out how it feels and whether it is the car you'll want to drive around Montevideo.